The game under the watchful eye of Executive Chef

How to use the concept of grywalizacji in HR?


We invite you to read the article, other than all of them. Subject is committed-we want to pass well, what is grywalizacja and how it can be apply in HR, but also to give you a feel for how to operate some of the mechanisms grywalizacyjne. That's why we have divided the article parts-missions scattered in "personnel and Management". If just You desire and the courage to read them all, you have collected all the knowledge on grywalizacji.


On the go

Your helper will be arrays (in grywalizacji-map of the Mission), like the one below, that wherever you, advise you, in front of you, and what else You waits. Good luck!


Mission 1

You start the game-the game under the watchful eye of Executive Chef

In this mission you'll learn what is grywalizacja and where can i apply it in HRM.

To go to the mission Why grywalizacja gives you energy?, go 3 p-ny.

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To understand how much thinking grywalizacyjne is popular among employees (with generation Y, but not only), read the following interview dwoj-ga. The conversation, which could take place in-the truth


-Hi, how's the new job? Probably at the beginning of the boredom? If You Quit on wteren-food customers? You met already at all RAS-his boss?

-None of these things! I'm already on siód-my level Induction challenge, just today I won a quest and won for the whole of cinema tickets. Anyway, as soon as the sia-dam to eLearning-and there were two Lavochkin la-get it spent 600 Ducats! After lunch the mission – task on the client, and tomorrow I go to the workshop-climb to the next-level is no longer so straight! I already have bad-ge "connoisseur of suppliers", "safety" and "can opener", now it's time for "the client" jaciel!


If the concept of level, challenge, quest, I-AFD and badge seem to be strange in the con-text of the conversation about the work, make sure the winieneś travel all the missions this article! Because such a response-żemy expected soon, when zagaimy a friend who took a job in the new company.


Instead of the standard – a type of situation head on vacation for the first two weeks of work a new employee or cycle more or less boring training-some-which companies in the process of the implementation of the AP-manifestations grywalizacji elements. But not only there, HR departments can use the grywalizacyjne attempt. Grywalizacyjne? Exactly ...


What is grywalizacja?


Grywalizacja is the use of elements of the games to make autentycz-tion tasks in the real world, allowing for faster and more reliable to achieve important goals. The first grywalizację started korzystywać-specialists in marketing, when they discovered that the known mechanisms of the game can really get caught up and engage consumers-consumer relationship with the brand. Hence the only step to employer branding, or growth of zain-potential company as an attractive employer,-the giver. Initially it was about generating interest (Oh, what an interesting, the company!). However, it appears that combine business with important tasks before the set is shown, participants in the "zgrywalizo-reel" recruiting process-


tions may be as the most-more authentic. The mechanics of maintaining games-la great review


not only knowledge, but also have the competency such as: collaboration, perception and the ability to present information, and finally the facts and inference.


If only recruitment game on Facebook?


Why stop at employer branding and recruiting? You can grywaliza-end enter on improving using-kładowo one of the often neglected, and key processes, which is to implement-no new employees to the company. The period of the first three-six months until she asks for it, to turn it into a full of exciting challenges and discoveries. Don't let it Fool You however, "colorful and too-bawowe" packaging-the objective is to fight the consequences of the implementation of the business-employee, that as soon as you reach full effectiveness, yet at the same time to build loyalty and for engaging in the company.


Training game games page-walizacja


Training game is not the same as played-the ultimate. Use of the games during the school-age, the workshop is a great practice of after-wodzeniem it for years, many companies (e.g. training).


Games allow you to experience something in the odrealnionym world, and from this experience we can use in our work. Game-walizacja and uses a twist-you games directly to real-world tasks making them much more interesting. We can say that the games bring indirect value (experience-on the Chair in the simulation, I can now apply-use it at work), and direct access to the grywalizacja-it (I did my job, ' Krankheit als knowledge about the product, because it was given in a gripping way).




* According to a report by the Game Industry Trends 77% of persons aged 15-75 years, played once in a game. The test subject was re-prezentatywna attempt to Inter the nautów. To the question "have you ever ever to play the game online? in 2011 the affirmative-know about 2% less polled. "New Marketing", October 2012,, 11.02.2013